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Shopping in Cancun

For the sheer fun of browsing through markets and individual shops, Cancun City is full of choices. The best concentration is along Avenidas Tulum and Coba. The shopping malls, promising cool air-conditioned halls and often live entertainment, reach new heights of sophistication in Cancun and are worth exploring.

Municipal Market

Selling everything from plastics to pinatas. Lot's of local color. Open daily. Addr: Sunyaxchen and Xelha.

Ki Huic

The oldest of Cancun City's crafts markets with more than 100 stalls. Open daily 9am-10pm. Addr: Av.

Tulum. Fama

Downtown department store selling essentials, some crafts, books and periodicals. Addr: corner of Av. Tulum and Calle Lluvia.


Fine selection of jewelry, especially silver. Be aware of the .925 stamp of authenticity.

Plaza Caracol

Snail's Plaza, but not the the appropriate pace needed to take in all that's offered in the 200 shops. Most are the ultimate in sophistication and include fashion boutiques, art galleries, jewelry shops and restaurants. Addr: Paseo Kulkulcan 8.5.

Plaza Lagunas

Open shopping mall where most of the shops specialize in sports/resortwear. Addr: Behind Plaza Caracol.

Flamingo Plaza

To the usual mix of sophisticated shops, restaurants and crafts shops add a complete health facility. All air-conditioned. Addr: Paseo Kukulcan, km. 11.

Plaza Nautilus

Popular spot among those staying in Cancun City, due to its close proximity. Good bookstore and ample deli for those saving on dining costs. Addr: Km. 3.5, Lagoon side.