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Cancun Profile

The Yucatan Peninsula, on whose coast Cancun is situated, first caught the world's attention in the mid 1800's, thanks to explorers describing the Peninsula's lush jungle and fascinating Mayan ruins. Until 1970, tthe Cancun strip of Caribbean coastline was largely undeveloped. Enter Fonatur and today Cancun is the number one tourist destination of the entire country.
What happened? International resorts quickly staked a claim within an ideal location - the beauty of an untrammeled Caribbean paradise. A small town, Cancun City, was created to house a work force for both service and construction jobs.
In this first development decade, there seemed little to differentiate one deluxe or first class property from another - all lining up neatly along the 14 mile stretch of beach. The most appealing sight was still the white sand and clear turquoise of the water. But mediocrity is a thing of the past as nearly 2 million guests a year will attest. Competing resorts, vying to become the unique attraction, began to outdo each other with their colossal, amenity-filled and sometimes captivating properties.
Cancun's 14 mile stretch of beach is, by law, completely open to the public. An irresistible pastime is "hotel hopping" - visiting one hotel after another, sampling soaring lobbies, enticing meals, and cool drinks. Shopping is on the mega-level as well, especially for Mall devotees. The international display of crafts, jewelry, international boutiques and entertainments are, however, quite mesmerizing. So is the concentration and sheer energy of Cancun's nightlife. For a change of pace, almost every hotel offers a travel agency that will arrange tours to the nearby Mayan archeological cites of Chichen Itza, Tulum and Coba. By the way, bring a full wallet.